Shiatsu in Athens. The art of touch.

We all want to be healthy, but are we really doing what it takes to achieve this?

Shiatsu is a healing art of touch, bringing us in touch with our body so we can learn to listen to it and understand what it needs. We also support and strengthen our body to operate therapeutically from within and to maintain and achieve health.

With gentle pressures on the whole body,  a connection is created between the therapist and the treated person. Through this trustful relationship,  the treated person comes  into contact with his body,  strengthens the  healing power  he has within him to deal with ailments, discomforts, while at the same time achieving health, relaxation and wellness.

Shiatsu is a  Japanese practice based on Traditional Chinese Medicine  and is one of the oldest healing methods. It is related to Acupuncture, since we use the same points and channels, only in Acupuncture the points are activated with needles.

According to the theory of Shiatsu every discomfort, symptom or disease indicates an imbalance in the  vital energy (Qi, Chi  according to the Chinese). The shiatsu practitioner applies pressure to the  meridians/channels  through which Qi flows throughout the body to help restore flow, relieve discomfort, and promote a sense of physical and mental well-being.

Yanna Shiatsu

Everyone can benefit from Shiatsu at any age or physical condition. It is especially helpful in the following cases:

  • Muscle tension, fatigue, stiffness and pain in the joints, in the back, the neck, headache.
  • Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, burn out.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal system.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • Gynecological problems.
  • Poor blood circulation, swelling and oedema of the limbs.

What is a Shiatsu treatment like?

The shiatsu treatments take place in a calm and relaxing environment in a Wellness Center @Chalandri. There is also the option to come to your place, so together we create the environment to be ideal for therapy.

Shiatsu is offered on a cotton mattress (fouton) on the floor, I ask the recipient to wear comfortable, preferably cotton clothes.

In shiatsu I use gentle pressure with my hands without the use of oil or tools.

Each session lasts approximately 60′.

The treatments are offered in a wellness center @ Chalandri, Athens, 5 min. walk from a metro station.

Call me, tel.: +30 6949733694, or text me via VIber or WhatsApp to arrange an appointment.

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